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HEROCROSS Scar Predator

HEROCROSS Scar Predator
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About HEROCROSS's Scar Predator
Featured in the movie Alien vs. Predator (2004), Scar was one of the three predators undertook the initiation hunt in the ancient Predator Pyramid underneath Bouvet Island, Planet Earth. Scar was the only one Predator who completed the ritual by killing an Alien and gained the Blooded status. He marked his face and his Bio-Mask with the corrosive blood of the Alien he killed thus gaining this nickname.

Hybrid Metal Figuration #020 Scar Predator’s body, arms and legs are made with alloy with die-cast outfits to display details of Scar’s armor and body. The body has 20 points of articulation which provides great mobility and allows collectors to display Scar with famous poses from the movie. HMF#020 Scar Predator complete with many accessories. There are six interchangeable hands along with 2 interchangeable faces (1 with Bio-mask and LED tracking devices and 1 without Bio-mask). Moreover, the mark that Scar himself made on his face using Alien’s corrosive blood is clearly marked on both the face and the Bio-mask. HMF#020 Scar Predator also includes many weapons for display; Plasma Caster, Wrist Blades, 2 Combi-Sticks (one retracted and one extended), Shuriken and Ceremonial Dagger. Collectors can replicate the power demonstrated by Scar Predator in the movie.
Product Includes
Height: ~14cm
Weight: ~250g
• Body, arms and legs are made of alloy
• 20 points of articulation
• Accessories:
• 2 Interchangeable faces (1 with Bio-Mask and LED Tracking device, 1 without Bio-Mask)
• Plasma Caster
• Wrist Blades
• 2 Combi-Sticks (One retracted and one extended)
• Shuriken 
• Ceremonial Dagger
• 6 Interchangeable hands
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